Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To: Wrap a Potted Plant

I was invited to a friend’s home for dinner last weekend. Normally,
a prettily wrapped bottle of wine is my go to hostess gift. I know these
friends are not big drinkers, though, so a gift of alcohol would have
seemed thoughtless.

My next default gift is a blooming potted plant.

Potted plant wrapped example
Plants have several advantages over wrapped fresh flowers or a
floral arrangement:

1. A pretty potted plant is WAY less expensive than cut fresh flowers.
2. A potted plant doesn’t need immediate attention like wrapped fresh
flowers. Having to go and find a vase as soon as guests arrive can
be a little frantic.
3. It will last longer than fresh flowers.
4. The host or hostess can plant it outside OR just enjoy it indoors .

You can pick up something lovely at your local garden center for just a
few dollars. Bigger grocery stores often carry a small selection of
plants, too.

A plant you get from a garden center will probably be in an unattractive
plastic pot, while one from a florist or grocery will be wrapped in either
crinkly green plastic or foil the color of my old silver Honda. You CAN
still give the plant to your host in the original (or lack of) wrapping. The
thought is still there, and you will have fulfilled your guest-ly duties.
However, why not wrap it yourself to add that custom touch?

Wrapping a potted plant is easy. You’ll need:
- scissors
- wax paper
- pretty paper for the wrapping
- ribbon or twine

Some pretty papers your could use include wrapping paper, parchment
paper, brown craft paper, tissue paper, newspaper, or heavy duty
aluminum foil (technically not paper, I know).

Potted plant wrapping materials
First, cut a large square of the pretty paper. It should be big enough
that when folded, it will cover the pot on all sides. Then, cut a square of
wax paper slightly smaller than the pretty paper. The wax paper layer
will help prevent damage to the pretty paper when the plant is watered.

Lay the pretty paper facedown and the wax paper on top. Place the
potted plant in the center.

Potted plant wrapping
Bring up two corners of the papers towards the plant. 
potted plan wrapping
Then bring the other corners up and crease the paper in several spots
so it stands up close to the pot.

Potted plant wrapping
Wrap the pot with some ribbon to keep the paper in place. I used a little
scrap of twine.
Potted plant wrapped
You could also make multiples of these for a pretty, simple, and
inexpensive centerpiece. Your guests could even take one home
after the party as a memento.


Michelle said...

Cute, the wax paper was a great idea! I used your method to wrap a Peace lily.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions, I needed this for some Christmas plants I'm giving this year. Dwarf Alberta Spruces that I bought in April for only $2.50 each, they grew over the summer and look so much better than the dinky little ones they bring into the stores in Dec.