Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Style - Homegrown Flowers

Day 128

Spring is in full swing (couldn't resist) in my garden. Even though I have a black thumb and have tried to kill the roses in my garden, they come back even better every year.


I snipped a few this past weekend and made a quick centerpiece for mother's day dinner for my sister. I love these little pink vases I originally bought for this party and I love them even more grouped together. A grouping of tiny vases is a handy trick. The small vases keep the flowers upright and you only need a few blooms in each for a lush looking arrangement.



Terri Lee said...

I see you use that IKEA tray a lot! Now I want one!!!

Stephanie said...

I use it ALL the time. Next time you come up, we'll go snag one for you.