Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm going DIY all over the internet...

I like to bookmark projects I find on the internet. A lot. I think I might have a problem, actually. If I were to attempt every project I have bookmarked, I'd have to quit my job and work straight through them for 6 or 7 years.

So, I'm sharing some of these great projects here. Maybe you'll get inspired to try one out??

I have actually tried this project from craftzine for a ruffled cardigan. However, I made ruffles for a small tote I use as my lunch bag. Did I not post those pictures here? That's a shame because it is damn cute.

The project shown above is from Martha Stewart - it's a bag made from a pillow case. Since I have a mountain of vintage pillowcases lying around, I thought this would be a perfect easy project.

This is another one I have tried. I put it together while watching Role Models with the husband one night. Movie, not so great. Totally recycled basket, awesome!

While not technically a tutorial, I recently stumbled across designers toolbox. If you are a lay designer like me, it's a goldmine of helpful measurements, templates, and ideas.

I recently found VERT online, great coordinated wedding invitation and decor themes. They also have a few templates to download, like this fabulous placecard holder.

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