Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Style - Sun Room Mini Makeover

Sunday Morning

My sun room isn't really a sun room at all. It's the eat-in portion of my kitchen, but we've never used it that way. It's a great spot to hang out pre- or post-dinner and it gets lovely light from french doors and a sizable window. We've had a loveseat and 2 wicker chairs in there for awhile (and a dog kennel, but let's ignore that), but with the kitchen renovation around the corner, this little nook needs an update.

The wicker chairs are similar to these and they'll be staying. I bought the loveseat used, and it's time for it to go. I always wanted a window seat in this nook, but that would make it awkward to use as an eat-in area in the future. The long bench is a perfect compromise. It serves the same purpose and can be easily removed. One of my few houseplants loves this spot, so I'll need to invest in a tray so it can continue to live by the window. A couple of fun pillows and a rug will round out the area nicely.

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