Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - The Delmarva Shore

image from Flickr member ClintJCL

I just got back from a brief visit to this area, so it's fresh in my mind how wonderful this particular strip of ocean and land is.

A versatile outfit is required at the beach as is a suit that will stay on through an accidental dunk by a large wave.

The morning is the best to spend some time on the beach before it gets too hot.


In the afternoon, shopping along Bethany Beach's main street and boardwalk is fun.

Bethany Beach

Chief Little Owl stands at the end of the main street. You can read about this sculpture here.

Crabbing is a great way to spend a few hours. All that's needed are some strong, some chicken pieces, and a net, and a Maryland blue crab feast could be possible.

image from Flickr member lostwave

He looks scary, but he is delicious. If crabs aren't possible, there's plenty other great food to be had.

Bethany food

Rita's water ice, DB Fries, Seaside Country Store Horseradish Cheese


__ Clint __ said...

Thanks for the link! Always interesting to see who can find a use for one of my pictures :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Clint! :) Hope you enjoyed your time there.