Monday, December 8, 2008

Gifts - 2009 Calendars

Forgive me, I have been a bad bad blogger. The holiday season has me in it's clutches and I've been running around in a manner similar to a headless chicken. I did decorate the house for the holidays this weekend. I'll snap some pics and put them up soon.

The gift countdown has already begun. Still have some shopping to do, though? I've picked out some gorgeous calendars that would make great gifts. I know, I know, calendars are BORING, right? I have to disagree. All of these are gorgeous and anyone would be lovely gracing someone's desk.

image from Etsy seller littlebrown pen

This one cracks me up. PLUS you can actually print this one at home, how great is that?
image from Whimsy Press

I love everything Whimsy Press does, and this calendar is no exception.

image from Papayalicious

I think even I would be inspired to keep organized with this lovely calendar from Papyalicious.

image from See Jane Work

I love this one for it's cute designs and the unique way to stand it up (and handy pen/pencil holder).

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