Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie Love - Steph's Top 5 Christmas Movies

I have to admit I am having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit this year. This is extremely unusual. Normally, I am, as one nephew puts it, 'crazy for Christmas.' This year, though... eh, not so much. I thought putting together a list of several holiday movies I really enjoy might kick start my Christmas spirit. Or, at the very least, kick this year's inner Grinch to the curb.

I can put Borrowed Hearts in the same file with beef jerky and the Twilight series - things I shouldn't like, but do. It's a story about a mean rich guy who has lied to a business partner about being a 'family man' to curry favor. WHOOPS, now the business partner's on his way to spend the holidays with Mr. Liar-Pants, so he has to come up with a fake family, pronto. Cue the Touched by and Angel girl and her annoying daughter. It's pretty predictable and very hokey, again, why do I like this? But, sadly, I do. If you give it a chance, perhaps you will, too.

The Bishop's Wife is an outstanding movie, in general, it just happens to take place during the holidays. Cary Grant is at his most crush-worthy and David Niven, well, is perfectly David Niven. Essentially, Cary Grant comes down to help David Niven and ends up more or less falling in love with wife. My favorite part is when Cary Grant buys the wife that HIDEOUS hat. It really is one of the most ridiculous pieces of head gear I have ever seen. I can only wonder what the costume designer was thinking.

The Muppet Family Christmas is from the 80's and is a favorite of mine and my siblings. Mom taped it (on VHS even!) when it originally aired on TV, and we would watch it over and over again. In it, Fozzy takes the whole gang home to his mom's house (uninvited) for Christmas, and Muppet mayhem ensues. So, if anyone feels like shelling out more than $100 bucks to get me the DVD, I promise to love you forever!

Do you know anyone who isn't fond of the Grinch? Me neither. It's a holiday classic of epic proportions. My husband and I watched it on TV this year and sang along to all the songs. The theme of redemption is always timely AND Max is the cutest cartoon dog ever. Pass a piece of the Who Roast Beast, please.

My all time number one favorite holiday movie is White Christmas. It is REQUIRED viewing on Christmas Eve in my family. While watching, my mother, sister, and I drive everyone else in the room crazy as we repeat each and every line along with the actors. Including singing... and occasionally we get carried away and follow along with the dance numbers. Occassionally.

How about you all? Do you have any favorites that I didn't include? Any suggestions for chasing my own personal Grinch out would be appreciated!

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ElonMegan said...

My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone...I know, probably one of the cheesiest Holiday movies of all time. BUT I just can't resist that cute Kevin McCalister and his boobie traps! HA. "Keep the change ya filthy animal."