Thursday, January 29, 2009

Food - Roquefort Cheese BANNED?

This article was featured on the front page of the Washington Post website today. I already have my issues with the American government regarding cheese. I mean is it REALLY the government's business if I want to eat raw cheese? Why is it OK for THE MAN to say 'no raw cheese, it might make you sick' but cigarettes, which we KNOW make people sick are readily available?? Does this make sense to anyone else? No, nor does essentially banning a delicious cheese from our country as political punishment from an outgoing administration. What did the sheep farmers in Roquefort, France ever do to Bush?

I love this passage from the article: 'Underlying the hopes for improvement is an impression widely shared by people in France that President Obama's administration, free of baggage from the dispute over Iraq, will prove more sympathetic to France -- and in this case to the traditional cheesemakers of Roquefort. But Glandières noted that Obama has a lot to deal with. "I don't think Roquefort will be the first thing on his mind," he said. '

I've got one more hope pinned on Obama now - FREE THE CHEESE!

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Terri Lee said...

Don't cut the cheese! Free the cheese!