Thursday, July 8, 2010

I like you - Tomatoes

tomatoes squaredcircle, originally uploaded by Muffet.

It's summer and the living is easy. Especially if you are a tomato lover. That sounds like a strange title, but I am a born and raised tomato lover and I am not ashamed. I am also a tomato snob. I won't eat one unless I can look in the eyes of the person who grew it. For me, that's my 'Mater Man' (that's his name, it's legit, he has a hat with it cross-stitched!) at my local farmer's market, my grandfather, and my friend Megan. That means I only eat them when they are in season, but I certainly make the most of that short time. My two most all-time favorite ways to eat tomatoes are fresh slices of perfectly ride tomato on wheat toast with Duke's mayo or green tomatoes dusted with cornmeal and fried in bacon fat. Summertime food heaven!

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