Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dress Up - Fall Outfit Ideas from Boden

This weekend is tax free here in North Carolina as parents get their kids ready to head back to school. Binders, legal ruled paper, and number 2 pencils will be bought en masse. As will new outfits for the upcoming school year. Therefore, fall fashions are breaking out all over the place. I've always thought it's hideously inappropriate to be surrounded by sweaters, boots, and tweed in every shop while you still break a sweat in the sweltering heat just coming from the parking lot. There's little worse than finding a great fall outfit then realizing it will be 3 months before it's cool enough to wear it. However, I have been indulging in a little virtual sneak peek at a few fall offerings. Boden's fall line is positively swoon-worthy. If I had an extra 2 grand lying around, I would snatch up every single coat and jacket. They also have really cute outfit ideas. Here are a few that caught my eye.

The green blazer and dark denim is a great combination, especially when paired with little zebra flats. I adore the plaid skirt and red boots, too. The striped scarf adds an unexpected dose of whimsy to the outfit.
How great is the outfit on the right? I wouldn't expect this color palette to work for fall, but somehow it does. The funnel neck textured cardigan is a great piece and could be worked into so many outfits.A polka dot blazer? Be still my heart!


Anonymous said...

I love these ideas! Why can't I be independantly wealthy so I can have these hanging in my closet?!?

Stephanie said...