Friday, August 1, 2008

Movie Love - TCM Summer Under the Stars

Turner Classic Movies has been pushing their Summer Under the Stars for the last few weeks. Glittering promos have promised each day in August would be devoted to the films of a particular great actor or actress. I have been eagerly awaiting it since the month long program begins today. Imagine my disappointment when I checked the schedule this morning and found many of my favorite stars have been excluded. Most notably, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Audrey Hepburn. Hellooooo, what were they thinking? I soldiered on, though, and below are 4 of my picks from the stars they are featuring. If you'd like to check out the line up yourself, you can find it here.

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August 10th - Doris Day
Though I am disappointed they aren't showing That Touch of Mink (starring Cary Grant, did he offend someone from beyond the grave?) or Pillow Talk (starring Rock Hudson, who also missed the cut-off).

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August 25th - Ingrid Bergman.
Stock up on popcorn for this one because the line up starting at 8 PM is dynamite: Notorious, Spellbound, Intermezzo: A love story, and Indiscreet (Cary Grant's in this one, too. As an added bonus, her apartment in this movie is fantastic).

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August 27th - Tony Curtis
I am glad not all of my favorite Hollywood hunks were snubbed this year. Check our Operation Petticoat at 12:45 PM (again, more Cary Grant, too!) to see Tony as a smoking hot philandering sailor on a submarine.

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August 30th - Katherine Hepburn
I can almost forgive all the other oversights since they decided to end the month with Katherine Hepburn. Tune in at 4:15 PM for my all time favorite movie, The Philadelphia Story. Cary Grant AND Jimmy Stewart also star, so we can soak up their greatness.

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