Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parties - Halloween Party Decorations


Our Halloween party was a ton of fun. I perhaps went a smidge overboard decorating the house, but it was so much fun I couldn't stop myself. Above is one side of the mantel. The spooky potions are - from left to right - diet soda, water and a banana pepper, and buttermilk.


The other side of the mantel held spooky objects - acid green apples, a swarm of spiders, and bones.


Glowing pumpkins greeted the guests at the front door. The grown ups had a great time carving them before the party, while the child played computer games. He says the insides of pumpkins are too disgusting. I saved the spooky branches from our old foundation plantings we had to dig up this summer.


I made a mummy for the dining room since the buffet was in the kitchen. This is actually the second version of her because our crazy dog pulled the first one from the table and ate her. Candles around a flammable, toilet paper wrapped fake body was perhaps not the safest idea, but we were lucky and neither house or guests caught on fire.


For snacks, I made an all orange food buffet - cheese squares, beer cheese dip and pretzels, pickled carrots and orange peppers, cheese coins, and apricot keilbasa slices (not pictured). We displayed them in our very own kitchen graveyard, complete with headstones, creepy hands, and REAL grass.


Down the main hall, we hung black plastic trash bags that had been cut into strips and stretched. I got the instructions from Martha. Very cheap and easy, and extremely creepy to walk through. However, they really really annoyed the husband and dog after awhile.Link


The powder room downstairs had every inch draped with spider webs.


I also cut out a bunch of ghosts for the kitchen walls. Big impact for little effort and even less money. This picture was taken pre-party, but we draped all the furniture in white sheets as well.

It was a ton of fun planning the party and I think everyone had a good time!

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