Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - Brown Mountain Lights

image from flickr member noahwood

This marathon of super busy weekends has started to take it's toll on the Wednesday World Travel posts. My apologies! So this week, keeping in the theme of haunted travel, it's a short post on the Brown Mountain Lights. They are weird lights over the mountains in Burke County, NC. According to this site, there's a sinister explanation:

"A spooky legend explains the source. This story dates back to a night in 1850 when a woman disappeared in the area. Suspicion fell on the woman's husband, and everyone in the community helped search for her body. During the search, strange lights appeared over Brown Mountain, and many believed they where the spirit of the dead woman, coming back to haunt her killer. The search ended without success—and the lights ended with it. Shortly after, the husband disappeared. A number of years later, a woman's skeleton was found on Brown Mountain and the lights started to appear again."

While there, stay at the Fairway Oaks Bed and Breakfast. They have nicely appointed rooms and a great front porch with rocking chairs.

You can eat at Papa's Bar and Grill down the street from the bed and breakfast for the other meals and then play a round of golf at Silver Creek Plantation golf Course.

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