Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - Transylvania Dracula Tour

image from Flickr member Rigamarole

If you hurry, you can still sign up for the most awesome Halloween trip ever: A Dracula tour of Transylvania.

Highlights include the ritual killing of the living dead, sampling vampire treats, and touring Dracula's castle. You'll be guided through it all with your very own English speaking host, Sorin.

Aside from all the vampire related activities, there are lots of sightseeing stops in this lovely portion of Romania. Stops include Peles Castle (haunted), the Bridge of Liars (haunted), and the Turda Salt Mines (haunted).

Above 3 images from Visit Transylvania

As an added bonus, the trip is free if you meet the following requirements:

You don’t have a reflection in the mirror
You decompose when sun light strikes you
You’re over 200 years old
You can use your wings to fly to Transylvania

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