Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - Learn French in Guadeloupe

image from Flickr member manuel

Just a quick world travel today. I recently found a great program that lets you study a language while you are in a country that speaks it. I think twice daily French lessons could be more palatable if they took place on the gorgeous islands of Guadeloupe.

image from a Flickr member from eye to pixel

This particular program takes place in Sainte Anna, AND you can choose to add surfing lessons as well! They also offer guided afternoon 'cultural activities' such as a visit to a rum distillery or sugar cane farm.

image from Toubana Hotel

My hotel pick would be Toubana Hotel. Who doesn't want to swim in the shadows of a mountain and palm trees?

image from Toubana Hotel

The hotel's restaurant also looks very promising. After a hard day of studying, this spot would be perfect for relaxing and trying out new language skills to order a drink.

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