Monday, November 24, 2008

Dress Up - Gray Boots

I want gray tall boots, flat with little to no heel preferably with a buckle or two. There is no ryhme or reason for my sudden and very specific shoe lust. I certainly don't need gray boots, so I am trying to argue myself out of buying a pair. So far, I've come up with a) it's nearly Christmas so I shouldn't be spending money on myself b) I don't really even HAVE the money to spend on myself and c) I wouldn't be able to fit them into my already bursting closet, which means they'd have to go in the husband's closet which he would certainly not appreciate. Oh, well, here are some of the pretty ones that have caught my eye.

image from PiperLime

image from


Terri Lee said...

Me too! Gosh, I want gray boots bad!!!

Donna said...

Wow..! I too got a pair of gray boots from Piperlime and gifted to my sister on her birthday anniversary.