Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - The Bellagio at Thanksgiving

image from Flickr member Cynnerz

I spoke with a friend last week who told me he just wanted to hide until the holidays are over. It reminded me that not every family relishes every moment of the holiday season like mine does. So I started thinking of a cool location to spend Thanksgiving if you wanted to be in hiding like my friend. Las Vegas sprang immediately to mine. Luckily, the Bellagio puts on quite a spread for the holiday. Check out the awesome fall-themed decorations below and their website to see the MANY restaurants to feast at. Who would miss aunt edith's special 3 onion stuffing in the midst of Vegas??

Above 4 images from Flickr member jimg994

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Julia said...

What a spread! I can't imagine how magical it would be. Of course, I like the idea of my magical Thanksgiving with my family too :)