Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holidays - Holiday Letter Header

Holiday Letter Header

I'm in the midst of writing our annual holiday letter right now. I try and design a new cute little header for each one, so I thought I'd share this year's version. To download the original size click here.

I love getting holiday letters in the mail and finding out what people have been up to. My holiday letters tend to be pretty straightforward. As you might have noticed, I am NOT the world's greatest writer. I love to see the different formats people use for their letters, though. One friend always writes it as if he's trying to talk himself out of actually writing the letter. I have an uncle who writes a page and a half and then includes a whole page of pictures.

Does anyone else do a letter this time of year? If so, what do you include?


cindy : quaint said...

i love your letter header! i don't write these kinds of letters, but enjoy receiving them.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering writing a "newsletter" this year...I'm sure it will be short and sweet- you know, hit the high points and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Every year we get a newletter style letter from a family (they will remain nameless) who finds it necessary to document EVERY activity from the past year and also to brag on their award winning, scholarship granted, 1st runner-up in a beauty pagent, published, married to a gazillionionaire, world traveling children. I would say that is a "newsletter" don't. HA.