Monday, November 10, 2008

Holidays - Cute Ideas from Rock Scissor Paper

Rock Scissors Paper has some cute holiday entertaining ideas (and coordinating invites). It's never too early to start thinking about some holiday fun. Their ideas are pretty simple, but fun. The descriptions are taken from their website.
"Have a fun group of friends who enjoy a good cocktail? This is a fun, interactive party to have for a close knit group.The idea for this get together is to have everyone come to the party prepared to make a special cocktail at their turn at the bar. Watch out! People really get into the competive nature of this activity! Everyone will have fun sampling the delicious drinks!"
This is the PERFECT party idea for my close group of local friends. The ladies at RSP suggest using mini glasses to sample the drinks so no one gets too much holiday cheer. I'd work in some secret voting and a prize for best mix-master.

"This is our family's Christmas Eve tradition. You really can't believe what wacky and wonderful gifts you can find for 99 cents! We have each person bring a wrapped gift to dinner. As we are serving dessert we start the fun! All the gifts go into a pile in the middle of the table. We take turns picking a gift and opening it. You have one chance during the game to steal another person's gift."
Given all the bleak news about the economy, this would be a cost effective but fun party. I'm thinking about trying it out around the Christmas dinner table with my family this year. This idea is also perfect for a young family looking to start some new traditions.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those ideas!! I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner, yikes. :)

Terri Lee said...

I did the cocktail competition last year with my girlfriends and it was a blast! We all voted "Jingle Juice" the winner! Small glasses...good idea!!!