Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - Chicago

image from Flickr member west of the sound

One of my very best friends is heading to Chicago for a week-long visit. Unfortunately, she'll be working the big furniture mart most of the time, but maybe she'll be able to escape for a few hours. Momo, here are my picks for your visit to the Windy City!

image from Flickr member jmgphoto

As another art major thrown into the real world, I know you'll want to see how cool "The Bean" is in real life. Take a tons of your fantastic photos of it!

image from Flickr member David Paul Ohmer

While at Millenium Park, can you take a peek at the Crown Fountain, too? It looks reasonably awesome, but I want to know for sure.

image from Crew

If you can get away to watch our Carolina Panthers play the Chicago Bears on Sunday, I picked out a gay sports bar in Chicago for you. I figure if they find out you're rooting for the Panthers, they shouldn't hassle you too much!

image from Metromix Chicago

I know how your traveling companion occasionally hungers for a great steak when you are on the road. If you can, try and talk him in to Brasserie Ruhlmann. You'll have to warn him that it IS french, but you can split the Chauteaubriand for two, and I think he'll be a happy man.

image from Metromix Chicago

Mmmm, expensive meat.

I have to say I was positively giddy when I found this last tidbit for you. A CHOCOLATE tour of Chicago. It's a walking tour, too, so the calories eaten on the tour are simultaneously burned off on the tour. Frankly, that's just genius.

Also, the Renegade Craft Fair is the weekend you get in town. If you get a chance to go, I will forever be jealous of you, and you could do a lot of super cool holiday shopping...that's not a hint or anything ;) Have a fabulous time, Momo!


Anonymous said...

How excited was I when I saw you posted about Chi-town!? We actually have an extra day that we don’t have any appointments, so I am hoping (and praying!) that my Dad will let us have a tourist day instead of trying to get an early flight out. I will definitely try to check out some of these cool places. Thanks for posting this for me!! :)

Stephanie said...

Have a great time!! :)