Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We have a trip scheduled soon that may or may not be interrupted by this super active hurricane season. Luckily, we have trip insurance and a tentative back-up plan to visit Puerto Vallarta if a hurricane barrels down on our original island of choice. So, this week I prepared what one day in Puerto Vallarta might look for us.

Since this last minute trip would actually be less expensive than the originally planned travel, I would use that extra cash to buy this gorgeous dress. I adore orange and gray together, and the hints of aqua make it even more playful and fun.

image from Flickr member Michael Kappel

One of my first stops in Puerto Vallarta would be the Malecon, a paved ocean-side walkway featuring shops, restaurants, and a collection of outdoor sculptures.

For lunch, I'd head to the new Cafe des Artistes del Mar. As you'll see, I've already made dinner plans, but I don't want to miss the chance to sample Chef Thierry Blouet's creations. Since his original restaurant, the gorgeous Cafe des Artistes Bistro is only open for dinner, I can settle for fresh tuna and salmon tartar and a smoked salmon “Croque Monsieur” from the lunch menu at it's sister restaurant.

I'd spend the afternoon in a private nook by the pretty pool at the NH Krystal hotel.

Maybe a dip in one of the many hot tubs, just in case the Mexican sun isn't quite warm enough.

Now, I normally don't go in for ultra-touristy activities when I travel. However, I can't resist the lure of dinner and entertainment on a PIRATE ship, ARRGGHH!

I mean, seriously, look at how much fun these people are having! Hands up high and wave, wave ye' tourists!

I'll just keep my fingers crossed that my traveling companions behave and won't be made to walk to the plank!

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