Friday, January 29, 2010

Fri-DIY - Bunting Madness

The adorable bunting card How About Orange posted last week has set off another round of bunting madness around the internet. And why not? Bunting is inherently festive and adorable. It brings to mind fairs, carnivals, parties, and just plain old good times. There are a bajillion tutorials out there for how to make full size bunting, but I gathered together a few out of the ordinary tutorials here.

Who wouldn't want a bunting crayon roll? I'm a grown-up and want one. I can only imagine the kind of raptures this would inspire in a kid. Thanks to say yes to hoboken for sharing.

I love machine sewing on paper, so this mini paper bunting from Lavender and Limes had me at 'thread your sewing machine with colored thread.'

Finally, itty bitty bunting from ribbon strung on wire from scissor variations. I like the wire look because it would let you shape the bunting any way you wanted, instead of the traditional 'drooping' look.

Now, with all this inspiration, I need to find an unadorned nook in my house to make one of these into reality!

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