Friday, January 15, 2010

Fri-DIY - The Scarf Issue

I'm at the point in winter when I feel like it will NEVER end! When will I be warm again?!? I gathered up these scarf tutorials so at least my neck can be warmed by something pretty until spring arrives.

I think the trim scarf above from Ruffles and Stuff is adorable. I also have inherited several bags of trim that I have never settled on a project to use them up. This scarf might be just the thing.

How awesome is the Modern Victorian Collar from Love Maegan? Her instructions are incredibly easy to follow and what an impressive final product.

Pretty Ditty's simple scarf is indeed very pretty. She shows an interesting technique to sew in the balls which makes pretty gathers in the scarf.

This knit scarf from Make it and Love it is so pretty and simple. It's a good demonstration of how adding texture to a simple project makes it incredibly more interesting. In this case, the texture is a few sewn rows of the same scarf fabric.

Finally, for any no-sewers, ah-yi has a good tutorial up for a braided yarn scarf. She's provided easy to follow illustrations for the pretty complex braid, but I suspect steady hands and a patient read would be necessary to figure it out. It would be a great use for any bulky yarn lying around, or I imagine could also be adapted to use thin strips of knit jersey instead of yarn.

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