Friday, January 22, 2010

Fri-DIY - The T-Shirt Restyle Issue

I keep hearing 'the worst of the recession is over.' So what? Does that mean we all have to run out immediately for some indiscriminate spending? Not this girl. I was thrifty prior to the recession and I plan on staying that way, no matter what the pundits say.

In that spirit, I've compiled some truly great T-Shirt restyle tutorials. All are fashionable, even pretty, and definitely a step up from the same old T-shirt-into-halter-top tutorials that seem to be the only ones google can find. There are some great inventive tutes out there shared by wonderfully creative generous women. Like the ladies at crafty stylish who show us how to make the tunic pictured above. I think it is so feminine and that green color just screams SPRING.

No real pics for this one, but this tute at Canadian living looks promising.

Make a T-shirt into an old-fashioned bed jacket? Yes, please.

Not for the novice sewer, but I love this idea of turning an old T-shirt plus skirt into a killer dress.

Finally, a killer don't mess with me kind of restyle, the chaos T-shirt. Just sounds like fun!

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