Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dress Up - I Want a New Cocktail Dress

I am in need of a cocktail dress for a function in October. I already own several classic styles I could still wear, but the women in my family have a looonnnggg tradition of wanting something 'new' for every event. I am having a terrible time finding anything 'new' that I like, though. It seems every dress for fall means to instill nostalgic longing for the 1980's, or possibly induce epileptic seizures, or both. I did manage to find a few so far that are classy and shouldn't leave flapping bodies in their wake.

This navy wrap dress would be flattering on anyone and the beautiful structured neckline updates a classic silhouette. It would be a great backdrop to a lovely statement necklace like this or this.

Didn't I just denounce crazy patterns? I lied a little since this pattern is great. I have it on good authority that the one shoulder look is coming back, too. This dress would bring out the inner modern goddess in any woman.

Hello vintage glamour and structure. I'd have to get out the spanx to look good in this one, but it is lovely all the same.

The sweetheart neckline and waist detailing along with the vibrant color make this a power dress. I love the brilliant magenta color, but it also comes in black for a more demure look.

I'm off to have a look in some local shops this afternoon. Perhaps I'll come across one of these to try on, or perhaps I'll go in another direction completely. Or maybe I'll have a melt-down in the special occasion department and cry out 'What kind of cruel world do we live in that someone thought to bring this into being?!?!'

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