Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday World Travel - Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada

Ah, camping. All that fresh air, communing with nature, fireside chats late into the night. All the packing, arguing how best to put up a tent, and bugs. Luckily, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort has all the fun parts of camping and none of the negatives. They specialize in luxury camping - show up with just your luggage, and they take care of the rest. That is certainly my idea of camping! So today, imagine breathing the forest air of British Columbia at Clayoquot Resort.

Coffee and breakfast by the sound in an Adirondack chair? Yes, please.

A practical outfit is a necessity out in the wilds of Canada, even at a luxury camping resort.

After breakfast, a tour leads guests on a guided bear watching. Black bears are plentiful in British Columbia, so spotting a few is practically guaranteed. The resort even keeps bear chasing dogs on the grounds, to ensure a wayward bear doesn't wander into your tent and gnaw an accidental leg or pair of pajamas.

After spotting a few bears, taking 'the circuit' provides an opportunity to see even more wildlife. Part of the 2-hour loop is done on horseback, and part on kayak, offering up close views of the forest and the sound.

After a full day, relax outside of the tent before dinner with a book or just to enjoy the scenery. You'll want to be fully rested before heading to the open air kitchen or dining tent for a 4 course supper with wine pairings prepared by the on-site chef.

A sample menu from their website includes:

Roasted organic pear and parsnip soup with toasted hazelnut flan and fresh chives

Local albacore tuna tartare with grilled vegetable ratatouille, baby brunia greens and scallion oil

Pan-seared wild pacific halibut with marinated spaghetti squash salad, oven-dried tomatoes and red bell pepper reduction

White chocolate pumpkin mousse with local organic fieldberry blintz and vanilla sour cream sauce

all images from Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Climb into a comfortable bed in a private tent after a delicious meal under the stars. No fires to put out, no dishes to watch, loud dogs around to chase away bears... now that is luxury camping.

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elonmegan said...

It's 100 degrees in seems very appropriate that you write about refreshingly cool, breezy and beautiful Canada. Ahhhh.