Monday, August 25, 2008

Parties - Very Special Back-To-School Dinner

Day 344

Today is my nephew's first day at a new school. To celebrate, we had a 'very special' dinner for him on Saturday night. I cooked his favorite foods (kid food is SO easy!) and went a little crazy decorating the table with school supplies.

Back to school dinner centerpiece

Back to school dinner centerpiece

First, I made a tablecloth of sorts by taping together blank pages from various pads of paper. A few black and white composition books form the base for the centerpiece of school supplies displayed in glasses or paper-covered cans. I also threw in a few pages of crumbled notebook paper just for fun.

Hanging airplanes

I also whipped up a few paper airplanes and hung them from the chandelier with clear thread so they looked frozen mid-throw.

Back to school dinner menu

The menu could not have been easier. Grilled hot dogs, fries from the oven, and a quick salad made with canned corn and roasted red peppers.

Back to school dinner

To drink, I had chocolate milk for the underage crowd while the grown-ups enjoyed lime and lagers.

Back to school dessert

Homemade plum compote with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon graham crackers made the perfect dessert. All told, this special dinner to celebrate the start of a new school year cost under $25 dollars for decorations and food. As an added bonus, all the decoration went home with the student to build up a stash of extra school supplies.

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