Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movie Love - The Women

I was thrilled to discover one of my favorite movies, George Cukor's 1939 version of "The Women" is being remade. It's only fitting since the original movie was based on a play, and had already been remade into a musical in the 1950's. The original play and movie were done with absolutely NO men. While men are central to the plot, not a single one is seen. I'll be interested to see if the current version holds to that, too. From the trailer, it certainly appears that is the attempt. The new version is out in mid-September.You can pick up the original version on DVD here. It's a little trite by today's standards, but charming, too, and full of fantastic outfits and terrific actresses. TCM is showing it on September 15th, so you could watch the original and then go directly to the remake to compare.

image from Movie Diva

Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, and Rosalind Russell are the three main stars. They were each hugely famous in the 1930's and made for a blockbuster line up at the time. In the movie, from left to right in the photo above, Norma Shearer is heroine, Joan Crawford is villainess, and Rosalind Russell is instigator.

image from Movie Market

So, if anyone's in the mood to watch some women behaving badly and get a vindictive thrill from their eventual comeuppance, I highly recommend "The Women."

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